Hello, how are the Lukers? Thank you for coming over so quickly. I really appreciate it...and you too!
Evelyn M
Dear Sandy and Harry,
I never have to worry about any work that has to be done on either place in Fountain Hills. I know Harry will only do things that need to be fixed or replaced. I do not trust a lot of people I am unsure of. Harry, you are the best, I trust you 100%! And Sandy, you are always so sweet on the phone when making appointments. Thank you both so much!
Pam B
Harry Luker,
Thank you for the wonderful job.
Thank you for a very nice and reasonable job. It is so pleasant to work with such a professional!
Laure's Salon
Harry and Sandy,
Just a quick note to thank you guys for getting out to my duplix and taking care of the problem so fast. I really appreciate your skill and I value our working relationship to the hilt! You guys are super...although I am no longer at Legacy, should anyone in the Fountain Hills area need a good plumber, you guys are always number one to be referred. No doubt,should we have any problems at my new location, I'll be talking to you.
My thanks again,
Thank you for all you did and especially for fixing our water pressure problem! We appreciate it!
Dear Harry,
Just a note of thanks for coming out so quickly and fixing our leak. Thanks too for a fair price. You and Luker Plumbing are true to your advertising. We will call you again if we need you and plan on referring you to others.
Jayne and Doug
Thanks so much for the help!
Sheree V.
Thanks guys for the great and fast service
Leo B.
Dear Harry and Sandy,
Thank you so much for responding so quickly. I want you to know I appreciate you both!
Rosemary O.
Dear Harry,
Thank you for your immediate response tomy distress call last week. Apparently the hot water heater had been leading for a very long time. You did an excellent job and I thank you!
Marilyn C.
Thanks much!
We appreciate your prompt response to the Ironwood home.
Mr and Mrs. Luker,
Enclosed is the check for services for my sister, Joan. Thank you very much. We are very grateful for taking care of this so quickly for her.
Therese and Lou G.
Thank you so much for all of your help and kindness.
Kristi and Barbara

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